The Speakularity, Where Everything You Say Is Transcribed and Searchable

An anonymous reader sends an article from Nautilus about the possible future of speech recognition software. Today, hundreds of millions of people are walking around with devices that can not only record sound, but also do a decent job of turning spoken word into searchable text. The article makes the case that the recording and transcription of normal conversation will become commonplace, sooner or later. Not only would this potentially make a lot more interesting discussion available beyond earshot, but it could also facilitate information retrieval on a personal level. The article makes an analogy with email — right now, if you communicated with somebody through email a decade ago, you don’t have to remember the specifics — as long as you didn’t delete it or switch email providers, you can just search and look at exactly what was said. Of course, the power of such technology comes with trade-offs — not only would we be worried about the obvious privacy issues, but many people may feel restricted by always “performing” for the microphones. Some researchers also worry that if we have technology to remember for us, we’ll put much less effort into remembering things ourselves.

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