Trump continues to attack London mayor over terror response

Trump continues to attack London mayor over terror responseFor the second consecutive day, President Trump assailed London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s response to terror attacks, misinterpreting the mayor's call for residents to remain calm as police stepped up anti-terror patrols.

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Senate Advances Plan To Make Email and Social Sites Report Terror Activity

Advocatus Diaboli sends news that the Senate Intelligence Committee has unanimously approved draft legislation that would requires email providers and social media sites to report any suspected terrorist activities to the government. While the legislation itself is classified until it reaches the Senate floor, Committee chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) said, “America’s security depends on our intelligence community’s ability to detect and thwart attacks on the homeland, our personnel and interests overseas, and our allies. This year’s legislation arms the intelligence community with the resources they need, and reinforces congressional oversight of intelligence activities.” The legislation is based on 2008’s Protect Our Children Act, which required companies to report information about child porn to an agency that would act on it. One industry official told the Washington Post, “Considering the vast majority of people on these sites are not doing anything wrong, this type of monitoring would be considered by many to be an invasion of privacy. It would also be technically difficult.”

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Why I'm In Ferguson: A Night After Tear Gas, Tanks And Terror

About 12 hours after the city of Ferguson transformed into America’s version of Tahir Square, I arrived here and asked people a simple question: “Why are you here?” Amid a night of peaceful and triumphant protests, here are their answers.
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